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Sometimes it is useful not only to know about the current state of the software, but also to understand its evolution until a certain point in time. With the EvolTrack project, it is possible to go through past versions and see how the system changed since the beginning of the development project.


This view is particularly useful for developers that need to do maintenance in a code that they are not familiar with and that need some understanding of the design decisions.


The EvolTrack project was initially conceived as a software visualization meta-system. Therefore, the main objective was not to build just one specific visualization system capable of presenting some software evolution lifecycle, rather it was build as a flexible and reusable infra-structure for assembling different types of visualization systems. Note that this variation point provided by EvolTrack is based on the visualization system data source or on the visual method used to represent this information.


For more information, check the project website: http://reuse.cos.ufrj.br/evoltrack