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The main goal of Odyssey Project is to provide mechanisms for reuse based software development, serving as a framework where conceptual models, software architectures and implementation models are specified for previously selected application domain.

The use of reuse techniques at the initial phases of Component based Application Development eases the development of the following phases of the process.


An infrastructure to support the reuse of domain models can effectively help reuse throughout software development, by supplying methods, tools and procedures which are usefull for the specification of models and applications.


Domain models are specified, and later evolved, according to a Domain Engineering process. These activities are supported by a set of tools, such as knowledge acquisition tools, OO diagram editor, browser, and documentation tool.


Main users are domain engineers, domain specialists, and application engineers. Domain engineers and specialists use the infrastructure, mainly, to specify and evolve domain concepts. Application engineers use the infrastructure to obtain domain knowledge and reuse it in the specification of their applications.


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